Building Sri Lanka block by block!


Amtrad Limited

Amtrad is Sri Lanka’s oldest manufacturer of concrete blocks and paving stones and has been in business since 1980, with recognition as a pioneer in the industry.

The fully equipped laboratory is staffed by a qualified team trained by the Sri Lanka Standards Institute. They impose the highest standards to ensure quality output at every single stage of the manufacturing process. With more than three decades of heritage in the industry, Amtrad is recognized for its integrity, honesty and innovation.

Amtrad has handled large-scale contracts such as the Sri Dalada Maligawa Paving Project, World Trade Center, Dutch Hospital, Colombo Hilton as well as the Galle Road paving projects (one of the largest urban projects undertaken in Sri Lanka). We serve a group of clients such as Nawaloka Construction Group, Sanken Lanka, Mäga Engineering, Sri Lanka’s Road Development Authority, Local Government Authorities and other reputed conglomerates.